Kitchentool Ep

Exercise One & Memo // Lan Muzic
Format // 12"
(en) Now that Exercise One are steadily heating up on the dancefloors of Berlin their second release is about to hit the stores. But this time it will be on their own Imprint that they founded with their close friend Memo. Lan Muzic is the name of baby and it won't limit its output to any dogmatic musical boundries. The initial release will present a track of each of the founders and as a welcoming present it gives an extraordinary remix on top. Due to a very productive environment this label will be a playground for musical friends and future releases can be awaited most anxiously because they will also have an eye on whats happening outside their hometown. But the distance to the last contributor to the label debut was rather short. To give this ep a very special touch they went next door in their Kreuzberg based music bunker and found one of the most gifted producers in regard to warmhearted electronic music. Luciano took on Memo's "Silverspoon" and created a musical short-story that grabs you before you noticed from where the impact came from. The original is a wonderfully trippy morning track with an unique handwriting. After his very eclectic musical journey that has led him to stadium rock and film scores Memo chose this track to return to one of his old passions...electronic dance music. "Metalplate" from Exercise One is the track on this ep that has the most direct approach to the listener. Hidden underneath a web of crispy minimal sounds it evolves to become a potential killer.
(de) Einer der langweiligeren Remixe von "Luciano"! Dennoch funktional.
Artists Memo // Exercise One
  • Release Date // April 28, 2005 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // LAN MUZIC 001
  • EAN // 661956711565