Jesus Floating Ep

Dachshund // Num
Format // 12"
(en) Ahh shit another Num Record release. What the fuck, who can care about a label that release more then every others? Well, you do… You do because finally and for Christ sake, the fucking music on this shitty piece of expensive petrol is simply brilliant, again. Dachshund, our little not yet that known pearl from Geneva is the sniper on this one. After his massively acclaimed release on 60Sec, his crazy and reaching the sky remix for Num Records (again), the dude delight us here with a full 12" for Num Records.

A Jesus Floating God, Jesus, The Lord or whoever else as nothing to do with this religiously wild dance anthem. Dachshund is the only guilty soul on this one… Funny enough this track reminds me listening to The KLF for hours, but not only The KLF, the clever young fellow took as well some Thomas Melchior groove ingredients that simply get you right on where they all wait for you. The Floor with a big F por favor…

B1 Somehow Somehow takes you deeper into the doggy style, it drives you into the corner of what you are. The places you never which to visit but finally, left on your own thinking about where you are, it suddenly fits you pretty good to just be here dancing along with all these mongo and being maybe evenly assimilated with them. But what you don't get is that Dachshund manages very well to make you one of them. The clever clever dog…

B2 Your Bitch Who knows, once this dirty sentence might be thrown at you like we us to throw stones to each others way back… And again, I'll rather prefer my ears to be enlighten by these somehow (referring to the other track, are you following??) pretty cool words isn't it? Anyhow, a house tinted cut that'll sure make you move, not move away but move closer.
(de) Dachshund darf nach seinem Remix auf der Num 11 alleine ran & zeigt euch wie man Vertrauen rechtfertigt.
  • Release Date // December 11, 2006 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 14
  • EAN // 880319231810