Inside Job

Alejandro Paz // Cómeme
Format // 12"
Cómeme, ever appealing to dancefloor conmen and always a haven for young, gifted & shady strangers, hasn´t stopped to give a shit for moderate aims. In the grand tradition of letting the world be one´s oyster, Alejandro Paz throws himself into turmoil just to come up with a an agitating bunch of tracks dealing with inside jobs, pickpocket techniques, fucked up gear and the old, cold and dark consuming wishes we all know very well. On top of that an affecting ode to his beloved cosmopolitan neigbourhood of Madrid´s Lavapiés barrio completes the boisterous bouquet of his new EP. Sure, with Alejandro Paz there´s always the oblivious glory of a crude, hypnotic, bass-heavy and self-sufficient beat. There´s chasing scene-music, insane energy, an appetite for headlessness. But it won´t do without sardonic shouts of joy, bone-dry rants or maniacal declarations. It´s been only a few months that, having left his home in Santiago, Alejandro Paz declared himself to be the “new guy in town“, spreading around splendidly ambivalent agit-prop-beauty about being “free“ (Cómeme 16). Sung in an irritantly dégagé manner, “Free“ couldn´t help but become a hit because it was deep but distant as well – not fraternizing at all. Of course Alejandro is well-accustomed with the art of making machines going nuts and honoring the honorable archives of mad jackness (“The Bubble“, “El Rave“, “Inside Job" ). But every piece (first and foremost “Lavapiés“ and “Different But The Same") is wrapped up in responsive spirits to leading a life outside of mere category codes and function. As reflections of the local, the communal, the business and of being somehow a foreigner to all of this but then again also not, these lines of Alejandro`s aren`t chatter: "Nothing to lose, nothing to be afraid of".
  • Release Date // June 3, 2013
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Cómeme 023
  • EAN // 880319619212