Barnt // Mule Musiq
Format // 12''
this release is first new mule musiq. catalogue number was jumped up to 147...

barnt is cologne based producer which is known as a member of magazine (artist&label). we really loved barnt 12" and magazine stuff on their label and very happy new barnt 12" is released on mule musiq.

original on a side is like a dark house remix of goblin (italian progressive rock band). if you like dubby techno sound like echospace or redshape,you will into this track very easily.

on b side, one of the best artist at the moment "vakula" made warm deep house remix. it's not necessary bla bla... about vakula sound. ambient version is lovely bonus track.
  • Release Date // March 12, 2012
  • Format // 12''
  • Catalog Nr // Mule Musiq 147
  • EAN // 880319569715