Guilty / Not Guilty Ep

Mirweis Sangin // Num
Format // 12"
(en) fine hi-hat groove split polyphonic ravesignal acoustic configuration and bass processing single 4/4 impact tone fine hi-hat groove split human sample input, breakbeat snare mute impact tone, polyphonic ravesignal mute impact tone bass device solo run breakbeat snare calibrated fine hi-hat groove split polyphonic ravesignal reverse synthesis track merge area ravesignal disabled side B (09:30)

Swiss precision engineering ( not for mainstream use ) short drum mute, internal percussion mix short drum mute hi-hat modulation switch to dancefloor algorhythm hi-hat modulation complex audio relay (minimal settings) with extended bass range stereo-mix tone port open waveform : Not Guilty switch to deep settings, classic mode (safety off) long drum mute, deep settings test & internal percussion backups dancefloor algorhythm reconnected minimal settings, track merge area critical merge zone
(de) Num macht da weiter wo sie aufgehört haben. Nämlich bei trickreichen, nachtaktiven & groovigen Endlostools
  • Release Date // October 10, 2005 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 03
  • EAN // 880319168819