Barnt // Cómeme
Format // 12"
Now that the final chapter on Barnt´s Pavlovian epic called “Geffen“ (Cómeme 013) isn´t closed yet, this fairytale of a Janus-faced smash hit has already taught us a lovely lesson to remember forever: How to exquisitely capture the full yin and yang of the sublime and the lunatic in one piece of joy. “Geffen“ was yelled at, taken as a fraud or as a piano

tuner´s exercise. Séance, slapstick, great Techno swindle - one couldn´t quite tell. People were perplexed. Was that even proper music? Yes and no is the answer, since it seriously yet hilariously showed us how to stay away from the boredoms of knob-infatuated “properness“. Who is this Barnt people kept asking. A charlatan, a puppeteer - some heir of Dr. Benway or Prof. Calculus? Does he really know what he is doing? Well, it´s with his new EP that we come to realize: he actually does. Barnt´s style remains a palpable paradox even now refined. “Tunsten“, “Stac“ and “Ariola“ are marvellously aloof though totally unashamed to exalt the wonderful impertinence of the rave-ritual´s key stimuli. Barnt wearing a white smock, testing the ingredients of pleasure. No romanticism, no reference, no genre-attidude. Practicing his vicious dancefloor trickery on how to provoke precise physical reactions by clearly calculating frequencies which stimulate to dance. At the same time all of this is super loony, theatrical, overexposed, anti-technocrat and delicately decadent. In an air of shamelessness Barnt's extracts of euphoria associate for curious liaisons and eminent effects.
  • Release Date // February 25, 2013
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Comeme 020
  • EAN // 880319609817