Arganol ’N’ All

Mano Le Tough // Maeve
Format // 12"
Mano Le Tough is set to release his second 12inch on Maeve, the label he cofounded with Baikal and The Drifter in 2012. The label was born from the idea to release hypnotic dancefloor dedicated music, and this release certainly stays true to that.
Big words from the small mouth arrives on the A side of Maeve 11 with quite the clatter. Searing synth jams scatter over a brooding kick/sub bass combo. The sharp crisp percussion drives the track forward all the time, while various bleets, squeals and swells develop throughout giving the track a raw rave vibe.
Arganol on the flip is a trippy affair. Touching 9 mins long, this track feels like Mano Le Tough right from the outset, patient in its approach whilst slowly telling the listener its story. The narrative unravels through woozy melodies and melancholic cameos culminating in a burst of movement and energy perfect for the wee hours of a dancefloor.
  • Release Date // May 12, 2017
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Maeve 11
  • EAN // 880319856013