18 Years / 1Er Mai

Crowdpleaser & St Plomb // Mgltd
Format // 12"
(en) This is number one of three limited edition singles from the "2006" album by Crowdpleaser & St-Plomb : a fusion of house and techno old & new, with hair-raising sound design, bootyful grooves and true depth of feeling. The infectious shuffle of "1er Mai" has a deliberately easy-going pace which draws us into a round of hypnotic machine tango. Echoing bells left and right grab our attention from time to time but, as they say, the devil is in the details : quirky sounds are being tweaked in mysterious and funky ways. It starts innocently enough then by mid-track we're hooked to its psychedelic ride. Bathed in shimmering static and ghostlike modulations, chock-full of Chicago and Detroit signifiers, "18 Years" is a majestic, dancefloor-tested play on memory with creaking doors made out of violins. Born from and evoking rave nostalgia, this tight, suspenseful, absolutely rocking tune makes you feel ike mixing while you just listen to it, which is a very good sign. Of course if you need signs you only need to look at hundreds of people erupting on the floor.
(de) Tolle Maxi, die sehr schön unter die Haut geht. Bei diesem Teaser darf man auf's Album gespannt sein.
Artists Crowdpleaser // St. Plomb
  • Release Date // May 8, 2006 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // MGLTD 013
  • EAN // 880319193415