Listen: Coma's exclusive "Bette Davis' Eyes" + free download

01-04-13 // by crazy tape

2013 will be an important year for Coma: Cologne's purveyors of fine stomp are readying their debut album "In Technicolor" to hit shelves in April via Kompakt. Three years in the making, the upcoming full-length will feature guest performances from the likes of Roosevelt, Vimes, MIT and Ada, with its title already hinting at the newly found playfulness on display, or as Coma put it themselves: "Where our previous releases were kinda mirroring a foggy black and white movie, this is definitely a color film... our attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music." Enjoy this free download of exclusive cover "Bette Davis' Eyes" and get ready for some hot synth action - Happy New Year!