Watch: Voigt & Voigt's "Erdingertrax 3.4"

01-07-13 // by crazy tape

Two men, one drink... with the cheerful Erdingertrax series, Voigt & Voigt successfully declared Beer Techno an art form. Created simultaneously to their forthcoming debut album "Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen" ("The Magical World Of The Others"), Erdingertrax represents the flip side to the authorial coin, sporting a playfulness free of intellectual constraints, a very personal commitment to the dance floor typical of the Voigt Brothers. The psychedelic "Erdingertrax 3.4." stems from the Erdingertrax CD collection out now, available alongside the brandnew "Erdingertrax 3" 12" and the vinyl bundle including all three 12-inch singles. Take your pick!