Watch: Voigt & Voigt's new album out now

18-02-13 // by crazy tape

It's when Voigt & Voigt gather in the same studio that the sparks start to fly dangerously low within this unique machinery humbly named Kompakt, resulting more often than not in a rather unlikely combination of separate elements suddenly kickstarting into communication. For their debut full-length "Die Zauberhafte Welt der Anderen", the Voigt brothers draw from a plethora of influences to build an incomparable sound world, for the first time fully realizing what previous, now classic tracks on Speicher have been hinting at. Produced side by side with the essential Techno of "Erdingertrax", this album opts for a strong psychedelic narrative, brilliantly showcasing Voigt & Voigt's experimental inclinations while knowing a thing or two about the perfect groove... with the result being a highly entertaining, "megalomaniac sampledelics opera", as German music mag Musikexpress puts it. For total immersion, you should also check out the interview from Electronic Beats, the video for "Erdingertrax 3.4" and our selection of Voigt & Voigt classics on 8tracks... your trip down the rabbit hole has just begun!