Watch: Rainbow Arabia readies new album

14-02-13 // by crazy tape

Lo-fi glam pundits Rainbow Arabia will release a new album called "FM Sushi" on April 15th. Presented via Kompakt-distributed sonic warfare outfit Time No Place, it is their second full length after the kaleidoscopic "Boys And Diamonds" from 2011. Exploring a decidedly alien ecosystem balanced with equal parts tech noir and adriatic light, Rainbow Arabia set out for new worlds, with Tiffany’s mercurial pop vocals floating into a cavernous section of the subconscious, draped with plush tapestries of sound. With the addition of Dylan Ryan (Icy Demons, Cursive, Herculaneum, Michael Columbia), the band found another force majeure contributing to their incessant evolution. Check out the dreamy "River's Edge" for a taste of things to come, and make sure to show some love to the evocative album teaser video, too. We're pumped, what are you?