Watch: Philipp Gorbachev surfs the concrete sky

01-04-13 // by crazy tape

One of the strongest debut releases in recent years certainly was Philipp Gorbachev's "In The Delta" 12" on the infallible Cómeme imprint. One year later, it's become obvious that the young producer kept the promise given with that very first record, judging from his growing portfolio (see his brilliant contribution to Michael Mayer's "Mantasy Remixe 1" coming in January, or his work for Correspondant). A good opoortunity, then, to look back, especially with this cool video for "In The Delta" floorbuster "Montana Blues" that was recently unveiled to the public. Surfing the concrete sky on the roof of a car, it is never clear if Philipp has been the victim of a mysterious urban crime or if he just passed out for a quick party break. Whatever the background, one thing's for sure: 2013 is going to be Philipp's year, we can feel it!