Watch: Gazelle Twin's haunting "I Turn My Arm"

15-02-13 // by crazy tape

From her most recent release "Mammal EP" on Sugarcane Recordings comes Gazelle Twin's haunting "I Turn My Arm", the unsettling and visceral lead track that actually examines the phenomenon of the "phantom limb". Gazelle Twin is the moniker of UK-based artist and musician Elizabeth Walling - the sole creative force and "puppeteer" behind this cryptic, shape-shifting identity. "Mammal" is the first new material by Gazelle Twin to be released since her debut album "The Entire City"  and treads similarly dark and dreamy, but more aggressive terrain. As rich in thematic sources as its sonic palette -  inspired by the 1982 Morricone score for John Carpenter's "The Thing" and the intense, horror-rap of Death Grips - it explores "the alienation of human physical form" - a constantly recurring muse for Walling. Watch the powerful video for "I Turn My Arm", directed by the artist herself.