Read: Correspondant Label Spotlight + collector's bundles & new release

17-02-17 // by crazy tape

Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant imprint started a little bit under 6 years ago, but has never shown any sign of toning down its musical ambition - or slowing its release frequency, for that matter. Since that very first 12" ("Thelema" by Nhar, btw), we've been treated to a steady stream of high-grade tunes from mostly newcoming, upstarting, throughbreaking artists - with a couple of iconic names thrown in for good measure. Some those projects we recognize fairly well by now made their Correspondant debut before they started on their path to world domination - think Red Axes' 2013 EP "Caminho De Dreyfus", rereleased with an updated tracklist just a couple of months ago. To celebrate the arrival of Correspondant's latest offering, Ricardo Tobar's fantastic "Red Sea", we're thrilled to present a web shop special: four extremely reasonably priced collector's bundles bring you some of the best the label has to offer. Bundle 1 comes with Bird Of Paradise's "Baal EP", Gagnon & Pagliara's "In Spirals" and Man Power's "Planet Cock EP", wrapped in a brown paper bag including stickers. The same decorum can be found on Bundle 2, featuring Borusiade's "Feelings Of Entropy EP", Vox Low's "The Hunt" and Die Wilde Jagd's "Geisterfahrer". Bundle 3 holds Javi Redondo's "Hammocks Go West", Uriah Klapter's "Hashomer" and Man Power's "Album Remixes", while Bundle 4 has three compilation 12" samplers on offer from Correspondant Compilations 02 and 04. It's a pretty perfect moment to jump into the back catalogue of one of the best labels serving dance floors today - don't miss out on this and check them all here!